Here's Our Story

And We're Sticking To It

Welcome to our newest restaurant concept, Angell Bros. Bar + Grill. This place is our idea of a local kitchen and dive where you can get great food, a drink or two, and can relax. We really hope you like it.

We (Dan & Jon Angell) have been at this for a while. We have opened and managed all kinds of restaurants from high-end steakhouses to local bars, and everything in-between. You would think we might finally be starting to figure out what we’re doing, but the jury's still out.

Long story short, Dan got into the restaurant business right after disco stopped being cool, shucking oysters and boiling shrimp part-time. He’s been running restaurants ever since. While managing a restaurant in the mid-80s, Dan hired his younger brother to wash dishes, and that’s how Jon got into the business. Back then Jon would work the dish pit shirtless with a thick mustache and a bandana on his head, and “Jonny Angell” was very popular with the ladies. He thinks he still is. 😊

Before we each went into business for ourselves, we had probably opened and operated 50-60 restaurants between us, usually making a lot of money for other people. At some point we both decided to risk everything and try to do our own places. It’s going OK so far. Jon is now the owner of all the J Peters restaurants (Jonathan Peter Angell) and various other concepts, and Dan has the Copper River Grill restaurants and some other things.

Now that we’re old AF, we decided to do what any normal person close to retirement age would do after 40 years of grinding it out in restaurants—open more restaurants! So here we are. The two idiots. Angell Bros. Bar + Grill is our version of a fun, casual hangout with great food and a relaxed attitude. We both personally invite you to join us for great food and always a helluva good time.

Angell Bros. Bar + Grill
Angell Bros. Bar + Grill

Welcome to the Family

Angell Bros. Bar + Grill

The Angell Bros. Hard at Work

Jon (left) enjoys grilling and having a beer with his brother Dan (right) who obviously likes to have his picture taken. Who wears the halo 😇 or horns 😈 is anybody's guess when these two are in the house. When they're not hanging out together and arguing over who makes the best fried seafood, Jon likes to go for long walks on the beach where he can re-connect with his inner-child, and Dan enjoys writing poetry about his favorite cat, Sprinkles.